Your golf game can help you get results in your life!

Man sinking a putt

I love sports and have played many different sports throughout my life. I’m extremely grateful for the many lessons I’ve learned and continues to learn. More recently, the sport that has taught me a lot has been golf.

For anyone who has attempted golfing, even just at a driving range, you probably know it isn’t the easiest of sports to pick up. However, that is the exact reason why I think you should give it a shot if you haven’t. If you have, I suggest you look at your results a little differently.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed the insights it’s given me. It’s been exciting to leverage mindset skills and tools that I’ve learned of the last couple of years. Looking back and reflecting on my results on the golf course prior to this new-found knowledge, a lot of things are started to make more sense.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • When you feeling frustrated about your last shot (the past), what kind of results did you get on the next shot?
  • What self talk is running through your head right before taking a shot?
  • What emotions and feelings were going through you right before swinging?

All those things matter when we’re talking about mindset and determining where is your focus. Were you focused on NOT screwing up? or focused on getting a GREAT result? As I say to each and every one of my clients, and in my group trainings – it all starts with mindset.


Your focus, thoughts and feelings determine your behaviour, which leads to the results you get.

Not getting the results you want? Go back and look at:

  • What were you focusing on? Not missing, not hitting it into the water? Or hitting it straight and towards the hole?
  • What feelings? Frustrated and uptight? Or calm, relaxed and excited?

Golf is a great way to get awareness and improve your mindset.  What you learn on the course can be very valuable in other areas of your life.

Stay tuned for a series of blog posts around sports (and golf), mindset and how it can improve your life and results!

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