What is NLP and why should you care?

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As you may, or may not know, last July I become a designated NLP trainer through the American Board of NLP, to go along with my NLP Master Results Coaching designation.

That means I can teach and designated others in NLP in over 38 countries. Pretty cool, right? So what is NLP and why should you care?

In a nutshell, if you’re human and you interact with other humans, and you you want to achieve your goals faster, you can benefit from learning NLP.

One of my mentors, Master NLP trainer Dr Kim Redman, wrote a great article on NLP – check out part of it below:

What is NLP and Why Should I Care?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is the ability to put your message into a client’s internal language in a way that assists the client in making changes in their behavior, or programming.  Insiders define it as “the way to quickly reproduce excellence”.  NLP was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the seventies.  Since then it has become the niche of captains of industry, presidents and prime ministers; people who need to communicate deeply and quickly and who are assessed on their ability to produce results.

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How's It All Work?

It turns out that our conscious mind is the goal-setter, and that our unconscious mind is the goal-getter.  Our conscious mind handles language, sequential thinking, and the present moment.  The unconscious mind handles our emotions, our learning, our strategies and behavior. The unconscious communicates with symbols, as anyone who has ever had a strange dream can attest to. It also takes all of our learning from the past and applies it to future endeavors.  This is why success, so easily leads to success.  It also explains why it is often so hard to achieve success in brand new areas of our lives.  We can set all the conscious goals that we want, but if a bigger poverty or failure program is already running in our unconscious mind then we encounter resistance, and often, failure.  NLP allow us to to clear out those programs and change the encoding of our new goals so that they are ‘louder’ and more present to our own unconscious minds. We are also able to shift the steps of unconscious strategies so that we can facilitate when a client is ‘stuck’.  When that happens, resources are continually directed at your goals at both the conscious and unconscious levels, which leads to success.

What Does It Feel Like?

NLP Coaching is just like any other type of coaching until we get to the unconscious techniques.  Then the client experiences either a fast technique like submodalities, (where we can shift the encoding so that the client now feels and thinks about the project at work the way they feel about their favorite activity), or relaxation (as in light trance).

Trance is a natural state and most of us are in it all day long. Just ask yourself if the car ever drove home on ‘auto-pilot’, which is defined as a medium trance state. Or if you looked down after being in the garden and saw that you had cut your hand with no memory of it? That too is a medium trance state. Trance allows our bodies to go into our parasympathetic nervous systems, which is where we need to be to regenerate and heal. It is like Disneyland for our bodies!  Since all hypnosis is legally defined as self-hypnosis, and NLP only uses light trance work, the client is always in control.

In NLP Coaching the techniques are part of the coaching process. Client’s are educated in their choices and often request specific techniques as part of their coaching/tasking process.

By Dr. Kim Redman

How can you benefit?

Even if you’re not interested in being a full time coach, the skills, tools and techniques would be a valuable addition to anyone’s tool kit. The skills you learn will be invaluable in the corporate world – Managers and aspiring managers are always looking to get the best out of their colleagues, and helping them succeed in their careers.

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